Dr. Lori Roelfs

Lori Roelfs, D.C. 

The driving force for Dr. Lori’s career came while she was still in high school. Dr. Lori suffered with chronic headaches that constantly affected her ability to function, think and just be a teenager! She repeatedly turned to medications to try and ease the pain from her headaches, but this only clouded her mind and limited her capability to think clearly.  It certainly wasn’t the way a young girl should live. It took a sports injury for Dr. Lori to try chiropractic care. Not only did chiropractic help with her injury but it also eliminated her headaches!  Dr. Lori’s chiropractor, while helping the injury, offered her an alternative to the day-to-day medications she was taking for her headaches. The chiropractor started adjusting the subluxations in the cervical spine and the results were phenomenal.  Dr. Lori was so relieved that finally, someone had addressed the true cause of her headaches. This experience changed her life forever.
Dr. Lori grew up in a family with 4 sisters and 3 three brothers, Dr. Lori truly understands the meaning of “family first.” Which in turn was even more evident when her and Dr. Aaron welcomed their first son Joseph in April 2016 and their second son Eddie in July 2018. She believes the foundation of a family is based on love, support, and health. Dr. Lori’s goal is to help families grow by creating healthy individuals through chiropractic care. With her education, experiences and knowledge of chiropractic care, Dr. Lori helps people through chiropractic to gain wellness which in turn will strengthen the bond of the family. Dr. Lori is committed to having a positive impact on the health of the community through her desire to educate people on the importance of health.
Dr. Lori is a native to the small town of Oelwein, IA. She greatly appreciates the friendly, small town environment that Mediapolis offers its residents.  She is committed to positively impacting the health of the Mediapolis community and the surrounding area communities through her desire to fill the role as the small town family chiropractor.