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Dr. Aaron is an Advanced Clinical Practitioner in Nutrition Response Testing. Nutrition Response Testing is a method of muscle testing that is designed to pinpoint which organs of the body are not functioning at 100% due to nutritional deficiencies. He can then correct those nutritional deficiencies with high-quality nutritional supplements.

These nutritional supplements are organic, whole-food supplements which are well absorbed by the body. Only 3% of the supplements on the market today are “whole-food” supplements, the other 97% are synthetic supplements that are not recognized as “food” or “beneficial” to the body and are moved right out.

Since Muscle Testing is used to identify which organs are nutritionally deficient, Dr. Aaron is able to accurately identify which organs need the most help at a particular time in the healing cycle.

Dietary guidance and recommendations is an important aspect of Nutrition Response Testing. Dr. Aaron has his Master’s in Clinical Nutrition from New York Chiropractic College and can help anyone willing to improve their diet.​​​​​​​​​